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Hiring a Budget MUA vs Experienced Professional MUA, What are you REALLY Paying for?!

You may think to yourself, I REALLY REALLY Want to save Money on my Hair and Makeup... I get it Girl !!!

Yet We ALL know the Old Saying You get what you Pay for!!!

So What Exactly are you Paying For and Can you Truly Afford to Not Hire a Professional ?

1. Luxury: The artist comes to you the on location ( at the desired place of choice: Home , Hotel, Venue etc.) with our expensive kits, makeup chair, sometimes addtl lighting. Most times we also stand for as many as 6 hours straight without a break or sitting down for even 5 minutes. The Bonus: You dont have to travel to a makeup counter and get makeup in front of other random people. Its your one day to receive a VIP Style Treatment, get pampered and look like a Star!

2. Education and Skills: You are paying for our services that we provide and in turn use to help further our education thru training (classes online or on-site)

You are paying for our knowledge of using the propper products to use that are "Camera-friendly" and which to avoid, as well as using the Appropriate Makeup for all age groups, different skin types and skin conditions. You are paying for us to bring your "vision " to life, whether you want a Dramtic Smokey eye, Contouring & Highlighting or Just a Super Natural Look. * Be Mindful that there are Different Strokes for Different Folks, My Job is for you to Look like the Best VERSION OF YOU!

3. Expensive Products: 90% of the Pro Products that we use COST Artist anywhere from $50 to $100's of Dollars. This is something to consider when trying to negotiate an additional $10-$20 bucks!

** If a makeup artist is not charging enough, they won’t have the money to build a great kit, and their services will suffer because of it.

4. Sanitation: You are paying for a Properly Trained Makeup Artist to use Sanitized Products on you, ie Disposables, lip products, mascara etc. as well as Clean Tools ( brushes, sponges etc.)

** I disinfect all products and tools between each client. And when I come home, I give everything a thorough, deep cleaning.

5. The Admin Work/TIME:

Writing contracts, sending out and responding to Your emails and phone calls, writing up advertisements and updating our websites, insurance, rent, taxes, gas, vehicle wear and tear, travel time. We are independent business owners, and we have many expenses just to keep our businesses running on a daily basis. There is so much going on behind the scenes that costs a lot of money, and these things benefit our clients in the long-run. & Most importantly we give up Special Weekends, Holidays and Family Events to be with you for your Special Events to Make you Look and Feel your Best! ( Time is Priceless!!)

6. Professionalism: A Professional Artist does not back out, We Show Up!

We take the time to secure deposits, and contracts to have standing agreements for your piece of mind. We take your wedding/event seriously and look to provide you with the "best " in luxury services.

We give Up our Weekends, Holidays and sometimes even Family Events to be with you On Your Special Day so that you can Look and Feel your Best and Many times that goes UnNoticed.

This is our "Way of Life" This isnt a Hobby for Us! I say this with Much Love and its Our Job to Educate our Clients!!



We want you to look in the mirror and say “WOW, I look stunning, Money well Spent !!”

So Please Do your Research and Go with your GUT! Happy Makeup Artist SHOPPING! :)


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