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Why Should I Hire a Professional instead of Doing My Own Makeup?

Why you Ask??

Well... I will be Glad to Share !

Here are some tips that I try and tell all my "hesitant clients as well as Brides. It is best to work with a Professional Makeup Artist who can use higher end products, with the proper skill set/ training to blend your makeup to create a look that won’t result in the (You) the Bride looking like you just ran up a flight of stairs or the dreaded ‘ghost face’ lol Everyday makeup just doesn’t cut it for an extraordinary occasion like your wedding day. For a flawless face, expect to wear about 20% more makeup than you would normally. It may sound like a lot, but that 20% in the right places works to create a look that photographs better-than-natural.

(I promise!)

A little powder and a swipe of lip gloss may be sufficient at the office, but consider the following key points: On your wedding day you will be wearing an elegant,often expensive, light colored garment usually exposing your shoulders, arms, and neck. Colors in the white family (even warmer ones like cream & ivory) can leave you looking washed out and tired unless your features are properly balanced and accentuated.

This same concern can be shared for Professional Makeup in Headshots, you Dont want to look washed out, you want look Bright eyed, Alert and Fresh-faced, using Colors that will Accentuate your Best Features!

Speaking of accentuating your features, realize that as the star of the show:

All eyes will literally be on you! From afar, close up, and all day from all angles, for hours and hours…friends, family, (and your photographer) will be looking at you and snapping pictures, shooting video, and sharing on social media. These pictures are going to be looking back at you for the rest of your life and with HD photography the stakes are definitely higher. Trust me! Professional Makeup is always the way to go!! :) All you have to do is Just sit back, relax, and let someone else do the work!!

Say it with Me!! #HIREAPRO :)

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